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PAP2-NA Firmware upgrade guide

Amsvoicecom Linksys PAP2-NA firmware upgrade Guide

This manual will help you to upgrade the firmware for pap2-na models.

Do NOT upgrade any other model with this guide.

  2.   Make sure you connected internet cable to ETHERNET port on the device.
  3.   Make sure your computer connected to the same switch on the network where the device is connected.
  4.   Plug a phone to the device's line 1 and pick up the phone
    dial: **** (4 stars)
    then dial:  110 #
  5.   and you will be told the IP address of your device (e.g.
B. Firmware Update
Copy the URL belo into a web browser it will put the PAP2 into firmware upgrade mode
http://ip address you got from the device./upgrade?http://www.amsvoicecom/irs/PAP2.bin

Be sure not to interrupt the upgrade process.












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